Photo by Anna Jacobsen @weareherenow

Photo by Anna Jacobsen @weareherenow

I first felt called towards working with women after the birth of my son in 2013. Throughout my pregnancy I was offered endless amounts of advice (thanks lady over the road, friend of a friend & sorry... who the hell are you?) & often delivered information without realising I had a choice! I had a choice about flu jabs and sweeps, examinations and who was in the room whilst I was at my most vulnerable (read naked). I felt like my body had been given over to all these people who were telling me what I should do and what I most definitely should not do! At some point along the way I lost my intuition & my confidence. So I shut out all the people, put the books down and took my baby belly away to reconnect.

I gave birth to a beautiful boy, and the motivation to find a way of empowering women to trust in themselves & their bodies. 

I live in East London with my husband and son. Together we run a small network of yoga studios, yoga teacher trainings and yoga holidays.

I am a trained & mentored Doula under the Conscious Birthing Community, and fully qualified in Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Massage.


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